How to scent your home with bakhoor?

How to scent your home with bakhoor?

Choosing a fragrance for your home is the same as selecting a perfume for your body. Your home describes you and reflects your personality. In this article, I will be talking about how to scent your home during winter and how to choose the right products for each piece of your house.

As usual, here I talk about my personal experience with scents as a perfume addict.

Use Incense or Bakhoor:

What is bakhoor?

Wood chips known as bakhoor are combined with other (natural) substances including sandalwood, natural resin, and essential oils after being soaked in perfume oil. Everybody can find their preferred variety of bakhoor because it is available in many variations.

Burning incense in your living room will give it a cosy and comfortable scent for winter. Bakhoor as explained earlier comes in different varieties and fragrances. For winter, you can choose a heavy woody one mixed with oud, patchouli, and amber. Your home will be perfumed with deep oriental notes for at least two days.

Remal Rose & Oud Bakhoor - 60 gm

This incense celebrates the union of two beautiful natural Arabic notes, distinguished by the Rose delicacy and Oud woody scent. This combination succeeds in creating a striking aromatic balance, to present an unforgettable Arabian scent at all times.

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Please note that there are techniques to use in order to make your bakhoor/incense smell longer in your home.

How to make bakhoor last longer?

  • To scent your home with bakhoor, start by mopping your floor. This will leave your floor humid and ready to soak in the bakhoor scent.
  • Secondly, use a home scent spray all over your coach, curtains, and carpets. Humidifying the whole piece will allow the bakhoor scent to last longer.
  • Then, burn your incense in a charcoal tab using a bakhoor burner. Here is a beautiful bakhoor burner that I find decorative and useful.

Alwaleef Mabkhara Beige

Alwaleef is a leading brand in the world of perfumes, launched in Saudi Arabia as a member of the Tiamen family, whose unique and innovative products are sold in Saudi Arabia, UAE and Bahrain

Purshase now
  • Make sure to burn the charcoal tab till its colour becomes grey. This way, your wood chips won't burn quickly.